Now normally the Jews would be the middleman minority . . .

But today that status will most likely be the Mexicans and the globalist communists.  The Illuminati though they claim Jewish heritage are basically atheists and Jews in name only.  The Mexicans and communists are being substituted in deference to the American Jewish community.  This will prove necessary because the bankster Illuminati have positioned the economy on the edge of collapse.  They can and will pull the plug on the economy, and really drain the swamp of critters, at their leisure.   I will not bore my regular readers with more diatribe regarding the evils of debt.  But it is plainly a fact that the U.S. government is insolvent and has only continued because of the reserve status of the petrodollar.  And that status is maintained only through military force or coercion.  Not surprisingly, both Russia and China are challenging the reserve status of the dollar, and have consequently come under a withering attack from the U.S. foreign policy establishment, the Council on Foreign Relations, or what I would call a politburo of elders.  The ruling elite have so discredited themselves with globalist nonsense, basically German Nazi thinking, that they have painted themselves into a corner from which war is the only exit.  Now Americans can claim they do not like war, but there has hardly been a time since our founding when the U.S. military has not been deployed against hostiles.  First Native Americans and anyone else who got in our way of expansion justified by something called “Manifest Destiny”.  I imagine it really is nothing more than being more powerful, or the ability through force of arms to impose our will even against the resistance of others.  Having backed ourselves into this corner, we will use nuclear weapons to stay atop the geopolitical heap.  Putin senses this, and indeed it is the case.  No country other than the U.S. has ever used nuclear weapons on any other people.  We own the distinction.


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