Headline of the day: Facebook (0) Activist Post Sign of the Times: Google Searches For "World War 3" Hit Highest Peak EVER

Yikes!  Well, I guess the American public is now beginning to grasp they are in a world of hurt.  Our psychopath ru(e)ling elite wants to actually go to war with Russia, for all the reasons I have enumerated in prior posts.  This is because there is palpable desperation in their actions, like “cruise missiling” Syria.  No empirical evidence to substantiate the claims.  Though such evidence would be easily enough produced.  The Middle East is covered by our satellites, and therefore there should be satellite imagery to prove the claims.  Why haven’t these images been released?  Indeed.  They’ll never be released, just like satellite imagery for the downing of MH-17 over the Ukraine.   Because a war with Russia has nothing to do with chemical weapons, as stated by John Kerry in 2014.  This is where Obama was superior to the present administration.  The Obammy wasn’t led around by the nose by the Khazarian Mafia banksters and their political operatives, the neoconservatives.  But as I maintain the real goal is to destroy the U.S., not Russia, using the same ploy they unleashed upon the Soviet Union—military expenditures that will bankrupt the country.  Brezhnev’s big mistake was attempting to match the U.S., missile for missile.  They simply lacked the robust economy to support such a strategy.  Just as the United States under deindustrialization lacks the production to sustain a permanent war economy.   The strategic thinking of neoconservatives by way of –> the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of the world.  When the smoke clears the banksters want China to be atop the heap, and why they are positioning the Middle Kingdom to assume the mantle of world’s reserve currency.  My feeling was that Trump’s original position of splitting Russia and China, and containing and isolating the latter offered a better chance of retaining American hegemony.  But this ran counter to the Khazarian banksters, and has now been reversed by the Trumper.  Just an indication of how much Vladimir Putin’s strategic thinking is feared by the globalist banking cartel.  Thinking which is just nationalist, and why also Marine Le Pen is being villified and smeared before the French election.  It is the globalist .001 percent against the serfs of the world. Catherine Austin Fitts hit the nail on the head when she characterized the banksters as a bunch of tape worms. Basically having siphoned off trillions from the U.S. economy and government (e.g., the missing trillions from the Pentagon) the tape worms are now looking for another host to feed upon. An acknowledgement that the best days of the U.S. are now in the rear-view mirror. However, if the U.S. is anything like Imperial Germany (which I believe it is) the U.S. has a military hammer which it is fond of using for every nail that sticks up like China. And when you have a good hammer, as General Wesley Clark observes, you do a lot of hammering. So I expect wars for the rest of my lifetime. Indeed, there have been few years of peace in my lifetime, as it is. But the next one should be the lollapalooza.


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