HaHaHa such amateurs. Greenblatt deli was typical. However, it is all about quid pro quo. A kidney bean for no more scoops. But the computer trick was a hoot.

Yeah, the best part of Greenblatt’s was of course their mile-high stacked pastrami sandwiches. Not their description of pathology reports where the people listed as performing the procedure were not even in the room. But I look forward to more foolishness, like the shortchanging Mexican cashier at the cafeteria. Maybe one day they’ll realize why people are not thrilled with them. “I LOVE LA.” It’s now just one giant Olvera Street. Dang if we could just deport those folks in Beverly Hills–LA would be great again! Better yet, how about a giant wall around 90210. It was after just about the only part of the 1992 Los Angeles riots to escape unscathed. What policing! Finally, globalists should give up the ghost. Their movement is just a Zombie Nation–a bunch of dead people protesting the inevitable. The people despise our globalist leaders.


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