The real problem: debasement of the currency

The facts speak for themselves. As the dollar is debased, the U.S. must employ its military to keep nations inline and wedded to the heroin of the petrodollar. Which in turn means more deficits to fund the Military-Industrial-Security Complex. This is what is unsustainable. Not the Earth or climate change. They’ll do just fine once we’re gone.
dollarYes, the dollar goes increasingly less far or buys less and less. Debasement of the dollar is the same as Rome debasing its coins. It is all part of Global Overreach with U.S. military bases now ringing the world–at least 737 such bases–though the number varies. How John Quincy Adams is now turning in his grave. The game of “going in search of monsters to destroy” is foolish in the extreme. Politicos like military adventurism because it drives up defense spending, that they then front run will their illegal trades into companies designated to receive defense money. But because the politicos want to hide the real costs of the military, they do not pay for it by raising taxes, but by borrowing or expecting other central banks to buy our treasuries. But as we continue to debase our currency through borrowing, the rub is that other central banks have less and less reason to buy the dollar or to invest in our treasuries. Why in the past year China has unloaded $188 billion in U.S. paper promises. This is unraveling the Bretton Woods financial order since the end of World War II–and began to unravel in 1971 when Richard Nixon closed the gold window, and the dollar was allowed to float against other IOUs. The really catastrophic news is that Russia and China will conduct its bi-lateral trade now in gold. The dollar will be marginalized, and the standard of living for Americans will plummet. However, this is precisely the strategy of the globalist neoconservatives: to bankrupt the U.S. as the Reagan administration bankrupted the former Soviet Union. Taking on endless military obligations that will finally sink the U.S.S. Titanic.


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