Condensed version of Trump wire tap . . .

(NationalSentinel) Media Corruption: A steady stream of reports from right-leaning and alternative media outlets since this weekend have detailed what is the most explosive White House scandal since the Watergate era: That the Obama administration, very likely with the former president’s direct knowledge, not only improperly spied on Donald J. Trump’s campaign and transition team, but then had the names of American citizens revealed (unmasked) and spread throughout the administration, knowing that at some point they would be leaked and the incoming Trump administration would be undermined.

This is a scandal of gargantuan proportion, and had it involved a Republican president, every single aspect of it would be covered wall-to-wall, dissected and parsed for weeks by the so-called “mainstream media” – CNN, MSNBC, Politico, CBS News, NBC News and so on.–National Sentinel, April 5, 2017

But since it’s the Obama administration and Democratic political operatives including his national security advisor and deputy national security advisor Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes, the Zionist Fourth Estate is providing a free pass to Obamagaters. In short, the coverage is virtually non-existent, and that is because Herr Obama is a Merkel globalist where Obama did not work for the American people, but was an agent for the Evil Empire of fasciglobalism. Part fascism and part socialist globalism where American wealth was to be redistributed throughout the world under the guise of offshoring jobs–but the real objective was to dismantle America’s industrial might that won World War II. Make no mistake about it, American deindustrialization was a strategic German objective to neutralize the United States vis-a-vis Germany using neoconservative operatives like Daniel Bell of Harvard. The final goal was to pit the United States against Russia, and when the mushroom clouds cleared, Germany planned to sit atop the heap. Notice for example, how neoconservatives are referring to Frau Merkel as the leader of the free world. It’s hogwash, but nonetheless brilliantly conceived and executed with the help of dumbed down libtard academics. No one said the Krauts were ever dumb–diabolical perhaps–but never dumb.


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