Bottom line: Trump was under surveillance, illegally, and his associates were unmasked

The Prez and his team were not only improperly surveilled, but that their identities were “unmasked” in violation of U.S. law.

There is a paper trail to substantiate Trump’s March 4th tweet, which means the Democrats are in serious legal peril, and should lawyer up pronto. This will bring down globalism just like Watergate brought down Nixon. Immediately, after Trump’s November victory, Barack Obama rushed off to Berlin (November 17, 2016) to receive his marching orders, which now appears to have been his surveillance orders. In all, Obama made 8 trips to Berlin to confer with Merkel, about globalist strategy. Or as the socialists noted of the visit: Germany is rearming and preparing for the worst case scenario that it will have to pony up money for defense, and cannot simply rely upon NATO. In less cryptic language, Germany will have to be the tip of the spear in Europe’s drive into Russia. World War I, started by Germany; World War II, started by Germany; World War III, to be started by Germany. The world is in motion, but it is not changing, anymore than you can change the camouflage on a Panzer tank.


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