Putin patellar tendinitis . . .


The notion the Democrats lost the White House because of Russia . . . is well, fake news. The FBI’s James Comey has been investigating the claims since July 2016, and yet still has no evidence he can share with the American public. What was his probable cause for the investigation– Democrats fiat assertions to that effect? If there was a link, John Podesta is rumored to have taken quite a bit of money from the Russkies, but unfortunately for the Zionist Fourth Estate narrative he worked for Hillary Clinton. But seeing as how the United States regularly meddles in other states’ election, why should we be surprised the Russians sought to meddle in ours? Was it not a fact, we were involved in Russia’s politics? For example,
this from Politico:

Clinton even did his best to influence Russian politics, throwing his support to a deeply unpopular Yeltsin, who used his ties to the U.S.—and its economic aid—to narrowly escape political defeat in 1996.

No evidence has been produced proving Russian hacking of the election. So just what are the Democrats upset about? That Putin had the temerity to do what Bill Clinton had done to his country?


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