Headline: ’15 felonies’–Calif. brings CRIMINAL charges against pro-life filmmakers who exposed Planned Parenthood

With each passing day, California moves from a liberal state to a facsimile of the former Soviet Union. When the particularistic state attempts to force everyone to think like the so-called academic experts. It is particularism masquerading as universalism. The reality is that a banana republic like that of Jerry Brown will go bankrupt, because by not following U.S. laws there is no good reason to follow California’s laws either. In fact, the universal just becomes arbitrary and relative. A common malady for the Skullcap Boyz who are alway attempting to pass their religious particularism off as universal. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What you have in sunny LaLaLand is not a government, but a Kosher junta. Do you really think they care about anyone other than themselves? So ask yourselves Americans what did the Jews do when the state came for Japanese Americans during World War II? Did they loudly protest executive order 9066? Please, the so-called universal people hid out, and went along to get along. They are complete universalistic frauds. What was important was that FDR intervened in Europe to rescue the Jews–not the Japs. And that is particularism. In fact, modern day German scholars just laugh at our hypocrisy. And believe me, the Germans know a thing or two about moral philosophy. By giving lip service to the Constitution, Americans are practicing particularism and not universalism–and always have. So just what do you think the state of California is doing?


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