HaHaHa . . . my favorite quote of the day:

“The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.” —
Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

Let’s conduct a poll and query people about healthcare. 90+ percent of such people might not have even thought about such a question, though they may have a opinion. Certainly, most people know very little about the subject — like its economics. But that does not prevent the Zionist Fourth Estate from asking people whether they like ObamaCare — though few understand it cannot work without the individual mandate to coerce people under threat of a surtax to buy health insurance. Unfortunately, for ObamaCare, this surtax was not large enough to convince healthy young people to enroll in its health insurance system. Consequently, more and more people subsequently drop out and don’t purchase insurance leaving the insurance companies with too many sick-unhealthy customers to make a profit. And when you cannot make a profit you will leave the system, and that is exactly what insurance companies are doing. And those companies that are left are hiking premiums to stay in business. In short, the system is imploding. Eventually it will collapse of its own accord. There is only one alternative either allow the free market to function or go socialist with a Bismarckian system. In which your participation is mandated and taken out of your income taxes. It is also the only way of lowering billing costs with a single payer. Having now marginalized themselves, conservative Republicans can now be ignored, and the president can put forth a Medicare for all program with joint Democrat and moderate Republican support. In short, there is not enough support for a free market system — and the conservative Republicans have not provided their plan, and have destroyed their credibility. There is bi-partisan support for some variant of Medicare to replace a system that is destined to implode as it is currently configured. The question is whether you place the warfare state over the welfare state. They are both socialist. Smithians would be against either, but Smithians do not run the United States.


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