Dow clinging to a hope and a prayer . . .

dowFor get about it. The Republicans could not even pass the repeal of ObamaCare, which is a single industry. Now they think they’re going to be able to pass tax reform which straddles all industries with each having their own proprietary interests. Hahaha. The only thing holding up the market is the wishful thinking that a guy who could not broker a healthcare deal, can do it for all industries. To say the least, I’m somewhat skeptical. Consequently, I’m looking for a big drop in the market, some have mentioned a 1000 point drop. When all is said and done the only hideout will be in precious metals. The dollar: it’s worthless scrip. And to boot, the Chinese have recently unloaded $188 billion in U.S. treasuries. So yeah Janet and Stanley, go ahead and raise rates. Make my day! Tax reform hard? Wait till June when we’ll be talking about debt ceiling limit! Hahahahaha. That’s a good one! It’s not Donald’s fault. But he is the perfect scapegoat for the Khazarian Mafia’s machinations.


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