Leftists “Indivisible” caught meeting with George Soros


A Grass roots organization? More like a George Roots organization funded again by George Soros of Quantum Fund fame. As you can see the leadership of said group was caught on video meeting with good ol’ George, a documented Nazi collaborator. Which should make you wonder a bit what was really going on with the Nazi movement? That’s another story that doesn’t square with Jewish propaganda. However, all leftists from Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin seem to be afflicted with the presence of Jewish intellectuals, i.e., socialists and communists or Frankist Wall Street Jews. Even the Sparticists were led by Rosa Luxemburg a Jewess. But hey, Red Rosa was intelligent, these mooks are Saul Alinsky hacks like Levin, Greenberg and Padilla. Yes, socialist Angel Padilla is precisely why the U.S. needs to tighten up its vetting of migrants. “Indivisible” however probably doesn’t repeat the pledge of allegiance much since their “thing” is to be anti-Trump, with of course someone else’s money. Not only goyims make good schmucks, but so do Jews like Soros. Yes, sometimes I wonder how George could have broken the Bank of England. Go figure?


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