Drip, drip, drip . . . get the plumbers Martha

If documents containing the unmasked names of Trump transition members were shared throughout the government, it would really be worrisome, as Nunes said it was. Intelligence agencies are generally supposed to avoid collecting information about Americans to the extent possible. Incidental collection happens, of course, because sometimes Americans talk to people under surveillance. But to share what is incidentally collected, on purpose, seems extraordinary, especially in this case, given Nunes’ claims that the disclosures have little or no intelligence value, and that the information involved apparently has nothing to do with Russia or the Trump team’s nefarious ties thereto.–Zero Hedge, March 26 2017

Again, the major crime that will come out of this beyond the unmasking of Americans swept up in a FISA warrant will be the cover-up of said unmasking. The Trump administration must get to the bottom of this and his surrogates in Congress must seek a special prosecutor like Leon Jaworski to investigate the unmasking of Trump associates that was disseminated widely in intelligence reports. I think such unmasking came from the highest officials of the Obama administration. The irony: this is blowback from the Russian/Trump ruse which I believe was used as probable cause for the FISA warrant used to bug Trump associates and will now come back to haunt the Democrats. Take James Comey’s admission that the FBI has been investigating the election Russian hacking claim since July of last year, but still cannot provide any evidence of wrongdoing by Trump. Clearly, where is the beef? And the real high crimes and misdemeanors are to found in the Obama White House. This baby is just getting started, and it will be the Democrats doing the crying. The more they attempt to cover-up this fiasco the deeper the hole they dig for the entire party. If they were smart, which I have my doubts, they would get someone like Valerie Jarrett to fall on the sword to rescue the dead beat Barack Obama. But they had better do it sooner rather than later. As for Trump he must keep this out in front of the public. Now GCHQ’s role in this debacle cannot be underestimated. I think there is a good chance the Brits staged the recent terrorist attack in front of Parliament to distract the British public from this unfolding story. As I’ve maintained, globalists of a feather flock together and aid one another. So Judge Andrew Napolitano’s claim that GCHQ provided transcripts of their wiretaps to Obama will be vindicated. This is a huge story or to use Bernie’s description Yuge!


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