Cut deficits and reduce the national debt by ending sanctuary city funds


Besides it is just socialism or the transfer of wealth from people who work and pay taxes for the benefit of people illegally in the U.S. The truth is that the U.S. can no longer practice socialism, because as Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University rightly points out, American funded and unfunded liabilities is now over $220 trillion. Ending funding for sanctuary cities would go a long way towards getting our fiscal house in order. But being objective, add in healthy cuts in military expenditures and there is hope. You divert the massive amount of money used for sanctuary cities, and the military to rebuild the infrastructure and the economy. But the military is like a sacred cow in India. Until you get beyond that taboo, you will never be able to balance your books. Sanctuary cities is just a sacred cow of globalism that we clearly did without until the 1980s, and were better off for doing so. Militarism is a sacred cow of Military Keynesianism employed by the United States to dig itself out of the Great Depression. GOP dislike of Keynesianism is pure baloney, practiced instead under the guise of defense, when in truth it is the means of extracting surplus or value added out of the labor force. Trump is just practicing Military Keynesianism while the Democrats practice Medical Keynesianism. Unfortunately, both have now been refuted by the performance of the American economy–that is, Keynesianism in whatever flavor does not work.


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