A non-sequitur of Democrat logic . . .

You have no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign so that merits an investigation. And you have no evidence concerning a wiretap of Trump so you ignore the issue, though it would amount to a violation of the Constitution and I would guess the Fourth Amendment. This is obvious bias and a non-sequitur of logic, except for the Democrats’ obsession now with Russia, which they do not explain.

Though could it be that the Democrats have been captured by the neoconservatives and Jewish influence, since it was the latter, i.e., Victoria Nuland and the neoconservatives that promoted the Maidan coup d’etat of Viktor Yanukovych in the Ukraine. That is, an overthrow of a democratically elected person and his replacement by a bunch of “wannabe” Nazis, like the Right Sector and Azov Brigade. But might it not be that the neoconservatives, i.e., about 25 Jewish intellectuals according to Ha’aretz, who ethnically really are Khazars that once inhabited the area around Kiev when it was part of Khazaria have an unusual interest now in the Ukraine. Which would be an interest in a homecoming for Jews who are not Semitic but actually Khazarian, and who really pine to be . . . well, Nazis. Yes, perhaps the Israelis are hedging their bets . . . and of course, I always thought if you observed objectively that the treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis amounted to Nazism.

By the way, how many Syrian refugees have the Israelis taken in? Don’t make me laugh. There is no more nationalistic state in the world than Israel.

But what is good for the Israeli goose is not alright for the American gander, and is also the schizophrenic thinking of the Democrat Party from wiretaps to Russian collusion in our election. But isn’t it the case the Jewish lobby is colluding in our elections, but where is the investigation? For that matter who ordered the investigation of Trump’s associates? Indeed, what was the probable cause for such an investigation? To this, the Democrats are mum.

But what about the wiretap? Well how can you place Trump’s associates under surveillance, if not also sweep up Trump, without one? Explain that to me. I’m all ears. And there is the fact the FBI applied for two FISA warrants, one which was granted. So just why are the Democrats denying there was a wiretap? Do they really imagine that spooks were trailing the Trump associates taking notes of their conversation? In short, how was data collected without some form of electronic surveillance?


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