Hawaii judge becomes Supreme Court of one . . . WHAT?

. . . nationwide injunctions for non-party plaintiffs are not supposed to happen. A district judge presides over his district, not the nation. He should not overrule other judges, nor dictate his opinions on the whole nation. The law does not make him a single judge Supreme Court. The Supreme Court itself warned against issuing any relief not individually and specifically necessary to the plaintiffs before the court. Noting that “neither declaratory nor injunctive relief can directly interfere with enforcement of contested statutes or ordinances except with respect to the particular federal plaintiffs,” the Supreme Court warned against extending its reach beyond “the particular federal plaintiffs” in the case.– Robert Barnes, March 16 2017

A district judge issues a ruling that overrules all other judges and applies carte blanche to the rest of the nation. Well, this nonsense will be overturned by the Supreme Court that will rightly rule the district court has infringed upon its own powers. And secondly,

The Supreme Court repeatedly held an alien seeking initial admission to the United States “requests a privilege, and has no constitutional rights regarding his application, for the power to admit or exclude aliens is a sovereign prerogative.” — Robert Barnes, March 16 2017

Yes, citizens have constitutional rights, not any Tom, Dick, or Harry. In fact such prerogative is vested in the President of the United States. This nonsense is going to be overturned, i.e., the ban on the travel ban, and is simple obstructionism. Trump’s legal team, however, should have anticipated this obstructionism, and been ready to file an immediate appeal. The Democrats are just attempting to buy time. But the Constitution is clear that the president has the right to do what he has done. Why? Because immigration is part of foreign relations, which means Hawaii is practicing foreign policy giving the United States potentially 50 different foreign policies. Now do you really think you can have 50 different foreign policies for a nation state? Affairs of state would collapse, which is indeed I think the purpose of this travel ban ruling addresses; globalism’s sabotage of the sovereign state and self governance. An end around the democracy of the 2016 election. Thus is not leftism, but stealth fascism which is always the antithesis of democracy and self governance.


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