From Doppelgangers to Cruise Missiles painted to look like an American Airlines plane


Here is a cruise missile painted to look like an American Airlines plane or what was used to fly into the Pentagon on 9/11. Actual film footage is shown below. The governing elite have indeed crossed the Rubicon and are guilty of capital crimes. There is no going back now. They will take the world to nuclear war to avoid criminal prosecution. Why Russia knows full well to prepare for World War III. In the process the American people will be used as fodder. Stock up on food, water, a Geiger counter, and a bunker. Assuming you want to survive in a world sent back into the dark ages. So if you think murderers and war criminals will back off now—you are sadly mistaken. The Nazis are the role model being followed here. This is the complete failure of democracy predicted by Carl Schmitt, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Chalmers Johnson, and most assuredly the NeoCon’s guru Leo Strauss who recommended the noble lie. As a political system, democracy will be demolished—the crowning glory of the Protestant Reformation will have finally been overturned along with the Peace of Westphalia, and nation states, setting the stage not coincidentally for One World Government. However, what is taking place stripped down to its rudiments is class warfare: of the haves against the have-nots or the One percent against the 99 percent. As suggested by this blogsite: rise up for you have nothing to lose but your expendability.


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