Assimilated Jews duped again

Ahhhh yes . . .

Ukrainian rabbi tells Kiev’s Jews to flee city

First NeoCon Jews like Victoria Nuland produce political chaos, and then the Rabbis advise assimilated Jews to flee the country. 

You’re looking at your future assimilated American Jews; book your El Al flights now and beat the rush. 

Do you really think the Zionists had the best interests of the ordinary German Jews at heart before World War II?  Freakin’ unbelievable, WWII repeating.  The kicker is this: the parties that did 9/11 (Mossad operatives) are going to release the truth at the appropriate time. 

Presto magico Israel’s demographic problem magically fixed.  What a bunch of freakin’ sheeple. 

The fix was in during WWII between Europe, the U.S., just about everywhere to refuse entry to Jews except at the appointed destination—Palestine.  Why are the Jews driving the world bonkers; simple, to restock and replenish their population. 

The Schutzstaffel and Zionists weren’t pals for nothing during the 1930s.  How precisely do you think this happened?:


The above commemorative coin was struck as a token of the SS and Zionists collaboration in Hitler’s founding of what would become the state of Israel.  Look closely and you can even see the name of Joseph Goebbels’ official paper Der Angriff.  Not only that—wake up folks!  THEY’RE BACK and still shouting: Drang nach Osten.

Prophecy isn’t complete until all the Jews are reunited in Palestine. 

“Ob eine Partei aufsteigen wird die von antisemitische Juden oder Halbjuden geleitet ist, dann mussen wir aufpassen!”—Rudolf Kommoss


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